About InnoPack Awards China

InnoPack will launch the Awards in China again in 2022. A ceremony will be held during the show dates onsite to recognise innovative packaging products, solutions, and technologies for pharmaceutical, especially biopharmaceuticals of high sensitivity and activity. Celebrating the latest industry developments, the Awards aim to show the products and technologies that are welcomed by users and have huge market potential and application value, and at the same time bring inspiration for packaging suppliers in product development and technological innovation.


• Packaging or Drug Delivery Device Suppliers • Pharmaceutical, Veterinary or Biopharmaceutical Companies
Packaging or drug delivery device suppliers with innovative packaging solutions and/or products for pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical drug products. Entries must demonstrate clear innovation in ensuring drug quality, improving patient-centricity and adherence or supporting sustainable development. Pharmaceutical, veterinary or biopharmaceutical companies with innovative packaging or drug delivery devices for their solutions. These companies may apply in cooperation with the packaging providers.
NB: Entries will only be considered if the product has been launched in the past 5 years

The Entries in 2022

Target medicine types/ users:

•Biological drugs with large volume and high viscosity

•Subcutaneous(SC) self-administration


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

With a patient-centric focus, SmartDose™ Drug Delivery Platform makes treatment more patient-friendly with home administration. The pre-programmable, easy-to-use wearable injectors that can hold larger volumes of drugs and infuse them SC over a long period of time are becoming a viable way to achieve self-administration, boosting user confidence, maximizing comfort for a superior user experience and then allowing the patient to continue an active lifestyle.


Product introduction:

Driven by research, SmartDose™ Drug Delivery Platform provides an optimized user experience through an intuitive interface, a streamlined workflow, and ergonomics for various disease state applications. The platform is offered for 3.5 mL and 10 mL doses. Delivery rates are pre-programable, and high viscosities can be handled. Integrated technology is under development to enable wireless communication of device data and status to support connected health and patient engagement platforms.

SmartDose™ Platform and Wearable Electronic Syringe
WEST Pharmaceutical Packaging
Patient Adherence | Market Potential

Target medicine types/ users :

Adella Unidose System is developed for drug use, such as the treatment of migraines, epilepsy and analgesia and other chronic central nervous system diseases, as well as for treating hypoglycemia and to counter an Opioid overuse.


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

One-step nasal liquid drug delivery device designed for Asian patients


Product introduction:

Adella Unidose System is designed for Asian patients, ready-to-use, one-step nasal liquid drug delivery device which delivers a precise, single dose quickly, easily and reliably. This patented system can be applied for chronic CNS conditions such as migraine, epilepsy and pain relief as well as for drugs to treat hypoglycemia and to counter an Opioid overuse.

Adella Unidose System

Target medicine types/ users:

Beauty, skin care, anti-oxidation


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

Environmental protection, protect fragile formula


Product introduction:

Environmentally friendly recyclable packaging can effectively protect fragile formulas and improve shelf life and consumer experience. Berry Ace group introduces a full set of AIRFREE® production line from Europe, which provides each brand with a packaging material composed of "6 layers Co-Ex bottle (Bag-in-bottle technology with EVOH as barrier " and "Full plastic ECO-pump”, which will help our customers positioned as more competitive in the market.

The product can be applied to viscosity from liquid to thick creams with consistent dosing.

Airfree® Barrier Bag-in-Bottle System

Berry Global Group, Inc.


Target medicine types/ users:

Insulin、GLP-1、Protein Medicine、Somatotropic Hormone、Uretinoin、Monoclonal antibody


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

Easy dose setting press button design - ensuring high patient comfort, ergonomically proven and tested


Product introduction:

It is an automated disposable injection device for pre-filled syringe suitable for all patient groups.The device is a push-on-skin activation,being convenient,and preferred by patients.Audible confirmation“clicks”after insertion,end of injection and needle protection increase patient confidence.

Trispen™ Simject-Single Dose Auto Injector
Cost Effective

Gx InnoSafe®是一种被动集成安全系统,可防止意外刺伤并可避免重复使用。其设计简单且经过测试,可避免不当操作或无意中触动安全注射器。安全系统可完全在格雷斯海姆的预灌装流程中自动组装,并且注射器已被包装、密封和消毒好。


Gx InnoSafe®采用符合ISO公认标准的蜂巢包装方式,与普通针头注射器相比,其在灌装药物时无需调整灌装设备,所有灌装厂(制药公司)不需要进行任何投资,即可在现有注射器灌装线上轻松灌装Gx InnoSafe® 安全注射器。

Gx InnoSafe® System

Gerresheimer AG

Functionality | Cost Effective







Körber AG
Cost Effective

HeroTracker®Sense旨在帮助世界各地患有慢性呼吸系统疾病(如哮喘、慢性阻塞性肺病、囊性纤维化和其他由COVID-19引起的呼吸系统症状)的患者改善生活,跟踪他们的定量吸入气雾剂(MDI)药物使用情况,并提高他们对药物的用药依从性。HeroTracker® Sense 是新一代MDI附加连接装置,旨在提高患者吸入技巧和依从性。


主要特点 :




与符合HIPAA和GDPR标准的阿普塔医药子公司Cohero Health的BreatheSmart®Connect Portal相连, HeroTracker®Sense为医疗保健提供者(HCPs)提供关于患者训练、使用培训和患者表现的有价值的分析和洞察,同时患者可以通过BreatheSmart®应用程序监测自己的用药依从情况。


HeroTracker®Sense智能连接装置还可重复使用,一旦患者用完了MDI 药物,便可移除该附加连接装置并将其附加到新的MDI 上。替换操作可多次进行。



Aptar Pharma
Patient Adherence

Needle-Trap是一款标签和安全装置二合一的独特设计。创新的标签设计可以让用户在注射药物后把针尖快速收纳在接连的 ‘捕集器’ 配件里,防止针刺扎伤引起感染。Needle-Trap易于使用,无需变更注射方式;也可以在生产药物的贴标过程中自动加入销毁针尖的配件。




由于Needle-Trap小巧的设计,让它的可持续性发挥得淋漓尽致。塑料的 ‘捕集器’ 含有高达50%的再研磨材料。和其他传统的针尖防护系统相比,它包含较少的塑料、没有金属。由于设计极为小巧,无需更改药物的外包装,也就是说无论在运输、仓储、冷冻和弃置的环节,可以达至空间最小化,从而减低环境足迹。

Schreiner MediPharm
Eco-friendly | Cost Effective



Aptar CSP Technologies的 Activ-Blister™提供了一种新的解决方案,特别是针对口服固体制剂和胶囊型干粉吸入装置,以延长产品货架期并确保其效价。我们的定制解决方案以对患者友好的包装方式无缝集成到客户新的或现有的包装产线中,为每个泡罩内部创造特定的微环境,以满足药物长期保存和稳定性的要求,并保持产品效价。配备Activ-Blister™解决方案的泡罩可以吸附特定量的水分、清除氧气、异味、有机挥发物或提供活性组合保护。


Activ-Blister™ 解决方案采用拥有专利技术的热合工艺将定制配方的 Aptar CSP Technologies 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™(专利技术)薄膜嵌入到每个单独的泡罩中。热合工艺将该技术牢固地固定到铝箔上,而无需使用粘合剂。该方法极具成本效益,避免了残留溶剂可能释放气味并与药品发生反应。该薄膜可以定制为任何尺寸的片剂或胶囊,确保该技术可以在不影响药物的情况下进行操作。该技术可应用于穿透式泡罩、剥离/挤压式铝塑泡罩、冷成型铝箔、高阻隔薄膜、PVdC 涂层或 EVOH 层压薄膜、Alu/Alu 泡罩和高阻隔热成型。

Activ-Blister™ Solution
Aptar CSP Technologies
Market Potential

1.根据临床研究(Nentwich et al, Br J Ophthalmol 91(10): 1265-68)显示,85%的污染都发生在滴嘴尖端,而这款产品对于滴嘴尖端的抗菌矿物质保护作用经过了验证和认证。













Antibacterial Eyedropper

Berry Global Group, Inc.

Functionality | Cost Effective

kpNext™ RB5能够完美替代传统的阻隔类泡罩包装薄膜,助力医药行业实现可持续发展,同时该产品还具备相当于90g/m² 的PVdC材料的高阻湿性能。kpNext™ RB5适用于5号回收标识并能助力客户改善碳足迹。


作为一款非PVC类的泡罩包装薄膜,kpNext™ RB5能够与现有生产线完全兼容,无需额外的设备投资,且加工使用过程中的性能表现与PVC类产品相当。

kpNext™ RB5

Berry Global Group, Inc.


Forest Film™是一款源自于受可持续管理森林的100%纯木质基薄膜标签解决方案,全球包装行业正在积极应对使用一次性塑料所带来的问题,并关注包装材料的可循环能力。用可再生材料代替传统化石原材料的需求日益增长。


作为UPM的一部分,我们致力于超越化石材料,通过探索和创新开创一个绿色的未来;并坚持寻找更加智能、更具可持续性的日用品材料。我们支持循环经济,并签署了由艾伦 · 麦克阿瑟基金会发起的《 新塑料经济全球承诺书》。


作为第一个向市场引入 Forest Film™ - 新型木质基薄膜标签材料生产商,我们在可持续标签领域迈出了领先的一步,满足了客户以可再生材料取代传统化石原材料的需求。该产品与 UPM 生物燃料事业部合作开发,采用了UPM BioVerno 石脑油,是一款源自于受可持续管理森林的 100% 纯木质基薄膜标签解决方案,为制浆过程中的残留物赋予了新生。


经过验证, Forest Film™ 系列产品可以节省温室气体的排放。相较于采用石油基的传统薄膜材料产品, Forest Film™ 与传统化石基薄膜产品在性能、外观及回收能力方面毫无差别,可以根据不同的应用搭配不同功能的胶水,实现专业医药包装的安全保障同时促进可持续目标推进。

Forest Film™ Solution
UPM Raflatac





Ypsomed对 YpsoMate两步式自动注射器进行了生命周期评估,得到了其整个生命周期包括原材料、制造和最终处置的环境成本定量数据。生命周期分析为减少 YpsoMate 碳排放提供了坚实的基础,并将工程工作导向最关键的三个环节:







YpsoMate – the 2-step autoinjector

Eco-friendly | Patient Adherence



Gerresheimer AG

Market Potential | Patient Adherence

芬欧蓝泰RP Cryo 超低温医药标签胶黏剂耐受苛刻的低温条件,可用于低至-150至-196摄氏度的液氮储存,特别适用于低温冻存容器。即使面临潮湿和寒冷表面,标签仍然具有良好的粘附力同时配合合适的标签面材时,标签信息打印效果清晰;经过专门设计,在搭配合适的标签面材,可耐受多次冻融循环:即使在恶劣环境的储存和取放后仍然保持完好无损且不卷翘,不会吸水受潮,即使解冻后也不发生撕裂。

Ultralow Temperature Pharmaceutical Label Adhesive

UPM Raflatac

西氏的NovaGuard® SA Pro安全系统旨在保护医护人员和患者免受意外针刺伤害。NovaGuard® SA Pro安全系统具有防止操作过程中预激活的设计,仅需单手即可操作。该系统与ISO 0.5mL标准和1mL细长玻璃注射器(带针)兼容,其透明的外观便于药物检查和注射。此外,该装置的设计有助于玻璃预填充注射器的轻松组装,能够实现现有灌装设备轻松改装。




• 具有防止操作过程中预激活的设计
• 能轻松激活,便于终端用户使用
• 透明度高,便于药品检查和标签设置
• 易于在低速和高速灌装线上组装
• 与标准推杆兼容
• 防篡改功能,可防止硬护帽再次装上针头,符合EU指令2010/32/EU

NovaGuard®SA Pro System

West Pharmaceutical Services




PremiumCoat®解决方案可用于13mm和 20mm的注射剂瓶,1mlL预灌封注射器,以及正在商业化的1-3mL预灌封注射器。



PremiumCoat® Solution
Aptar Pharma



1.封口标签,移除后,会使包装或标签发生明显的、不可逆转的损坏或更改 - 不会增加包装的打开难度。


2.封口标签的功能包括纤维撕裂、VOID 效果、易碎纸张和薄膜以及全息图防伪。



Pharma Security Label
UPM Raflatac









Suzhou Jiashu Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Market Potential | Patient Adherence






Dampproof Child-Resistant Cap
Jiangsu Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging Material Co., Ltd.
Market Potential

1. 涂层工艺是用高纯度无溶剂气体。


2. 超纯单体,低碳环保。


3. 涂层材料使铝罐表面产生了一种低表面能具有疏水性,极大的提高了罐装物药物的传递率。

The Plasma Coated Aluminum Cans for Medical Aerosols
Anomatic Suzhou

NovaPure®活塞的设计开发充分运用了“质量源于设计”(Quality by Design, QbD)这一原理。根据客户和终端用户的需求,西氏制定了全面的产品质量目标(QTPP)。始终将终端患者的需求放在首位,关键质量属性(CQA)的建立有助于确保整个生命周期内药品的质量、安全性和有效性。




所有NovaPure®组件均符合西氏的严格质量标准:制药级清洗、灭菌、FluroTec®阻隔膜,以及完整的West Envision™自动外观检查。

NovaPure® Pistons for Prefillable Syringes

West Pharmaceutical Services

Market Potential


















ARaymond life

1. 该产品采用分体设计,盖子和管子是分开的且盖子及干燥剂一体,简化了客户端的流程,即不需要单独在管内投放袋装干燥剂或筒状干燥剂,避免了小孩误食和干燥剂污染产品。


2. 该包装由于是分体,很轻松地实现防盗环的功能,避免人为的开启后来投诉产品已被使用过的可能。

3. 设计简约美观,符合人体工学,盖子带水滴曲面的设计,可以轻易的单手开启,开启后盖子与管子相连,防止忘记合盖产品受潮。



BSFT Packaging for Test Strips


院外自我注射,操作简便,给药精准,高度智能、数据可追溯,提高病患依从性。适用范围广泛,可满足高粘度、大剂量药物注射要求(1mL, 2.25mL)。驱动装置重复使用,减少浪费,节约社会资源。
Intelligent Injection Pen
Patient Adherence | Market Potential

Target medicine types/ users:

Eye dropper/suitable to all users, especially friendly to senior, pediatrics and veterinary users.


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

More accurate medication and improve medication compliance.


Product introduction:

Our new Risdrop™ product was carefully designed for the ophthalmic market, creating an innovative user-independent eye-dropper with a unique nozzle technology. The same size drop every time, helping reduce the risk of over dosage. The nozzle features a restricted flow channel insert allowing for a uniform drop size (variance +/-15%) regardless of container inclination and irrespective of squeeze force. The package helps the delivery of the drop to the right spot and is easy-to-hold and friendly to senior, pediatrics and veterinary users.

RISDROP™- User Independent Eye Dropper with Consistent Drug Dispensing

Berry Global Group, Inc.

Patient Adherence

Target medicine types/ users :

Aesthetic/mRNA vaccines/IV Infusion


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

Innovation Polymer Syringe to meet high challenge drugs requirement.


Product introduction:

SCHOTT TOPPAC® is made of 100% high purity materials of Cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) which had good resistance to damage, transparency comparable to glass, and excellent barrier properties, no ion or metal released and no PH shift, highly suitable for biologics and low protein adsorption.

SCHOTT TOPPAC® Pre-Filled Syringe

Functionality | Market Potential

Target medicine types/ users:

Applications for pills and capsules
* Over-the-counter (OTC)
* Ethicals
* Generics
* Nutraceuticals
* Veterinary medicine


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

Designed to be Recyclable


Product introduction:

kpNext™ R1 is a PET mono rigid film that is designed to be fully recyclable within the RIC #1 stream. It is an alternative to vinyl blister films that will meet or exceed all your sustainability goals and work within your current manufacturing setup. Pharmaceutical companies and converters can utilize kpNext™ R1 on their existing form, fill and seal lines with no loss of line speed or a need to retool.

kpNext™ R1
Klöckner Pentaplast

Target medicine types/ users:

Target medicines are asthma adn COPD drugs such as Budesonide Formoterol.


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

PowdAir Plus has been designed to be a cost effective dry powder inhaler, made from four plastic components, and with no metal components. This minimises manufacturing and assembly costs. The sleek design ensures the device is easy to use for the patient.


Product introduction:

In developing markets, where demand for respiratory treatments is growing rapidly, there’s an increasing need to offer more choice to patients who use a dry powder inhaler (DPI).PowdAir Plus is a patented capsule-based DPI, ideal for these markets because of its advanced simplicity, ease of use and affordability.Most other DPIs have been designed for developed markets and incorporate multiple components and complex mechanics. In contrast, PowdAir Plus is a complete unit with no metal or separate parts. Neat and compact, its novel all-plastic, four-component design minimises manufacturing assembly and production costs, while improving the device’s resilience to frequent use.The sleek design of PowdAir Plus makes this inhaler very easy to use. It’s highly portable, and delivers an effective dose of medication with each capsule. Compatible with HPMC capsules in size 3, it can be used with any dry powder medicines.A particularly useful design feature is the way the device opens the capsule as the tray closes. Patients don’t need to pierce the capsule themselves, so using the inhaler is simpler, and theres no risk of getting the wrong dose.

PowdAir Plus Dry Powder Inhaler
H&T Presspart
Cost Effective

Target medicine types/ users:

Compitable with dial-and-dose disposable pen(Unopen)


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

Transforming the proven dial-and-dose pen platform into a connected


Product introduction:

Smart Pilot could Transform the proven dial-and-dose pen platform into a connected system though a single click (and clear visual feedback). Real-time tracking function not only provide dosing record for patient but also doctors and relation for better adherence and cure.

Smart Pilot™ -An Intelligent Device Designed for Mature Injection Pen Platforms


Patient Adherence

Target medicine types/ users:

Applicable for sterile filling with vials


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

Sustainable solution to treating the internal surfaces of pMDI canisters, and helping combat drug degradation/drug adhesion which are common problems within a pMDI, thus ensuring the patient receives the correct dose each and every time.


Product introduction:

The innovated elastomer sealing set can be widely used for serum products, Lyophilization, and IV solutions without filling in the different lines. This packing system can replace the general packing with vials, rubber stoppers and Aluminum seals, and simplifies production process and secured the products.
New Elastomer Sealing Solution includes special designed vials, plastic/elastomer sealing set, improving the current packing system without general metal material. In this case, no metal particles will be created. And for Lyophilization products, capping can be proceeded in Lyophilization machine. So that production process will be more efficiency and decreasing the cost.

Plastic Elastomer Sealing Set
Hualan NPM

Target medicine types/ users:

Vaccine and psychotropic drugs/drug manufacturers


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

Improve the use experience and treatment effect, improve compliance


Product introduction:

Single dose trigger nasal spray device adopts a new structure with a spring as the driving force of drug delivery. Different users only need to press lightly to trigger the release force of the spring, which can push the storage component to move and make the medium in the storage component spray to the nasal cavity through the nozzle component. It can be applied to different populations and is easy for patients to operate, and ensures that different types of patients can deliver the same dose at the same injection speed, thus improving the use experience, treatment effect and compliance.

Aerosol – Single Dose Trigger Nasal Spray Device

Shanghai Huarui

Target medicine types/ users:

Pharmaceutical packaging products


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

Pharmaceutical packaging that requires higher storage time and is more sensitive to moisture


Product introduction:

This product is optimized in the structure of cold forming process aluminum by processing and compounding of key moisture-absorbing materials. The structure is OPA/AL/polyolefin moisture-absorbing layer/PVC, which takes into account the overall cost of moisture absorption, especially the cost of PTP. PTP can still use ordinary PTP with registration number. It can greatly reduce the cost of use and R&D for customers. At the same time, our company adopts multi-layer co-extrusion technology in the polyolefin moisture-absorbing layer and adds a barrier layer and slow-release layer. We can design and adjust the formula according to the customers’ requirements of the moisture absorption curve (The relationship between time and moisture absorption) to achieve the packaging effect matching with the drug compatibility.

Moisture Control Functional Cold Forming Process Aluminum Packaging Products Mainly for The Type of Drugs

Suzhou Haishun Packaging Material
Market Potential

Target medicine types/ users:

Solid preparations, injections, ointments, etc.


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

Long-term improvement of efficiency and continuous cost saving.


Product introduction:

The project improved brand consistency management standards, increased management and production efficiency, reduced production and transportation costs, and achieved the long-term sustainable goal of effectively improving efficiency and saving costs.

Package Design Optimization Project Based on Data Analysis
Yabao Pharmaceutical

Target medicine types/ users:

an oral liquid preparation package for accurate quantitative


Purpose of the R&D/ design/ improvement:

accurate quantitative and non-cleaning


Product introduction:

The utility model relates to an oral liquid preparation package for accurate quantitative and non cleaning. The storage part of the taking measuring cup is used to store the poured liquid preparation, and a scale line is arranged inside to accurately measure and quantify the taking amount. The taking part extends out of the storage part, and the liquid preparation in the storage part is guided into the patient's mouth from the accurately measured taking part, which makes it more convenient to take and avoids spilling the liquid preparation during taking. The built-in taking part does not contact the preparation after use, and is isolated from the air after locking the bottle cap, which does not affect the drug quality. At the same time, it reduces the inconvenience of patients' use and cleaning caused by external measuring cup.

The Utility Model Relates to An Oral Liquid Preparation Package for Accurate Quantitative and Non-Cleaning.

Hefei Jinyue Pharmaceutical
Cost Effective

The Judges in 2022

Mr.Chen guangxue
South China University of Technology
Professor, Doctoral supervisor
Prof Pierre Pienaar

World Packaging Organisation


Mr. Xu Jun
Shanghai Food and Drug Packaging Material Control Center
Senior Engineer
Ms. Zhang Fangfang
Shanghai Food and Drug Packaging Material Control Center
Senior Engineer
Ms. Sun Yi
Jiangsu Assure Pharma Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Senior Counselor
Ms. Tsai Hong
China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association
Executive Director
Ms. Chang Xiangyang
Senior Product Manager
Mr. Zhang Xiaole
Professional Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association
Director general
Ms. Jin Fang
Professional Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association

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