Onsite Conferences

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S/N2020 Onsite Conference & Activity ListDecemberLocationLanguageNotes
 A. General15161718
A1The 11th China-World CEO Summit   Renaissance Shanghai Putuo HotelChinese 
A3-1The Plant Visit:MODULA (CHINA) AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD    English-Chinese 
A3-2The Plant Visit:SHISEIDO    English-Chinese 
A3-3The Plant Visit:Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd.    English-Chinese 
A4The 10th CPhI.CN Buyer Sourcing Event English-Chinese  
A5China-World Innovation and Development Forum  Hall W3 Booth No.W3B31Chinese 
A62020 Pharnex Forum   Hall W3 Booth No.W3B31Chinese 
A7The Gold Pen Award  Chinese 
A8The Symposium of Drug Safety   Hall W5 M8 Meeting RoomChinese 
A11Buyer Sourcing Event-The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing Companies of The Hebei Province   Hall E5 Booth No.P09Chinese 
A12The Symposium of Pharmaceutical Enterprises of The Jiangsu Province   Hall E1 M13 Meeting RoomChinese 
 B.Pharma Excipients 
B1CPhI Excipients Forum-IPEC Implementation of The Examination and Approval Policy of Excipients Seminar   Hall E3 Booth No.E3F66Chinese 
B2Pharma Excipients China Tour   Hall E3 Booth No.E3F66
(Assembly Place)
C1The 7th bioLIVE China Outlook Summit   Hall W4 M6 Meeting RoomChinese 
C2Bio S&T  Kerry Hotel Pudong /Hall W2 M9 Meeting RoomChinese 
D1CPhI International Agencies Updates and Q&A Session  Hall E1 Booth No.E1K32English-Chinese 
D2The 3rd DXY Insight Drug Development Summit   Hall E2 Booth No.E2A58Chinese 
E1CRO Talks  Hall E2 Booth No.E2A58Chinese 
 F.Natural Extracts 
F1The 15th NEX China Innovation Forum & Natural Ingredient Conference 2020   Hall E5 Booth No.E5E60Chinese 
F2NEX China Product Showcase Hall E5 Booth No.E5F46English-Chinese 
F3The Nutritional & Functional Food Innovation Summit 2020 & The NEX Application Symposium  Hall E4 Booth No.E4E88Chinese 
F4The Hunan Province Plant Extract Industry Development Forum 2020   Hall E4 Booth No.E4E88Chinese 
F5NEX China High Quality Products Tour   Hall E4 Booth No.E4E88Chinese 
F6Technology Application of Natural Extracts in Functional Food Summit   Hall E5 Booth No.E5E60  
F7Buyer Sourcing Event-NEX China   Hall E5 Booth No.E5E60Chinese 
 G.Pharmaceutical Machinery​ 
G1P-MEC China Summit 2020 Hall N2Chinese 
G2Pharma Automation & Informatization Summit 2020  Hall N1 Booth No.N1D68Chinese 
G3Green Pharmaceutical Innovation Technology  Forum   Hall N2Chinese 
 H.Packaging Materical&Drug Delivery Systerm 
H1The International Summit for Pharmaceutical Packaging & Drug Delivery System  Hall N5Chinese 
H2Packaging Materical & Drug Delivery Systerm of The Inhaled Preparation & The Complex Preparation   Hall N5 M48 MeetingChinese 
H3Packaging Materical & Drug Delivery Systerm Innovative Product Showcase Hall N5English-Chinese 
H4Packaging Materical & Drug Delivery Systerm Innovative Product Tour——High Technology on the Drug Delivery System   Hall N5English-Chinese 
 I.Laboratory Equipment 
I1The 3rd Lean Lab Management Symposium   Hall N2 M42 Meeting RoomChinese 
I2Innovative LAB Salon 2020 Hall W9 Booth No.W9A51Chinese 
I3Innovative LAB Tour  Hall W5&W9Chinese 
 J.EP & Clean Tech​ 
J1Project Management of Pharmaceutical Corporation in the New Era   Hall N2 Booth No.N2B37Chinese 
J2China Pharma Environmental Forum   Hall N4 M45 Meeting RoomChinese 
J3Pharma Environmental Design & Innovative Project Forum   Hall N4 M45 Meeting RoomChinese 
 K.Pharmaceutical Logistics 
K1Cold Chain Pharma Forum 2020   Hall W3 M10 Meeting RoomChinese 
 N. Technology Symposium       
N1Exhibitor Technology Symposium   Hall E1 M12 Meeting RoomChinese 
N2Exhibitor Technology Symposium:United States Pharmacopeia   Hall E1 M13 Meeting Room  
N3Exhibitor Technology Symposium:NanTong HighFine Engineering Ltd.   Hall N1 M40 Meeting Room