Aptar Pharma


PremiumCoat® ETFE film-coated vial stoppers and syringe plungers

Product  Introduction:

PremiumCoat® platform of product and services offers Aptar Pharma ETFE film-coated bromobutyl closure solutions for vial and pre-filled syringes, in conjunction with a full set of critical data and a packaged service offering specially designed to accompany customer’s and accelerate their drug development.

PremiumCoat® closure solutions are available for 13mm and 20mm vials, for 1mlL PFS and is being released commercially for 1-3mL PFS to protect the sensitive drugs. Aptar Pharma 6720GC bromobutyl formulation is known on the market for its purity and low levels of Extractables and Leachables. PremiumCoat® ETFE film demonstrated performances forms a barrier that further reduce the transfer of E&L into the drug products.

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