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Suzhou Healthy Tree Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Product: AutoInjector

Product  Introduction:

  1. Customized design can be carried out according to the dosage requirements, including 0.35ml, 0.5ml, 1ml, 2.25ml
  2. The design principle of existing disposable syringes is very complex, which leads to many parts and components, generally more than 15, so the reliability is not high, the assembly is difficult, and the product cost is high; We provide a disposable automatic syringe with simple structure, significantly reduced number of parts, and high reliability of each injection step.
  3. The outer shell of the injection pen is designed with convex bar, which can meet the requirement of anti-slip and will not cause uncomfortable feeling of fingers or palms.
  4. Adopt new automatic syringe trigger device, increase limit, avoid secondary trigger, adopt modular configuration, easy to assemble and use, high installation tolerance rate, even if the installation error can be quickly replaced, reduce assembly cost.
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