Activ-Blister™ Solutions

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Activ-Blister™ Solutions  

Product  Introduction:

Activ-Blister™ Solutions provides drug product specific protection to address growing stability limitations in a blister packaging format. This innovative technology integrates Aptar CSP’s proprietary 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ film into each individual blister cavity to provide the ideal microclimate to protect tablets or capsules inside a thermoformed blister package.

Using highly-engineered 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ technology, Activ-Blister™ can adsorb tailored amounts of water vapor, scavenge oxygen or VOCs, or provide a combination of active protection. The technology can be fitted to accommodate any tablet or capsule size and is securely bound to the lid stock using our proprietary heat-staking technology.

Why Activ-Blister™ Solutions?

  • Advanced product protection for controlling humidity, oxygen, and reactive impurities
  • Reduced package complexity: Actively control internal headspace without nitrogen flush, secondary packaging, or refrigeration
  • Move from cold-form to thermoform blisters enabling visibility of the dose with a 40-60% smaller blister footprint
  • Allows sensitive products to transition from traditional desiccant packaging (such as bottles with canisters or sachets) to thermoformed blister cards without sacrificing headspace protection
  • Can be integrated into existing blister packaging lines
  • Heat-staking, adhesive free and cost effective

Eliminates residual solvents that can off-gas and interact with drug product

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